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This qualification is awarded by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom (ACCA), the largest and fastest-growing global professional accountancy body. This qualification allows a person to work in any organisation as a Finance, Accounts or Management professional. To become an ACCA member candidates are required to pass a total of 14 papers plus an ethical module, and have three years of practical experience gained before, during or after qualification.

After completing the Fundamentals level of ACCA, and submitting a research paper, candidates can gain a BSc Honours degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, UK. Similarly after completing the Professional level, candidates can proceed to an MBA from the same university.


The syllabus is divided into the Fundamentals level consisting of 9 papers from F1 to F9 and the Professional level with 7 papers from P1 to P7. The Fundamentals level is further divided into a Knowledge module (3 papers) and Skills module (6 papers). Similarly, Professional level is divided into an Essential module (3 papers) and Optional module (with a choice of 2 out of 4 papers). We have scheduled four Acca intakes for the year,

All classes will be conducted online from Sunday to Wednesday 2 hours a day.

Course start date: 19th April 2020


Knowledge moduleF1Accountant in Business
F2Management Accounting
F3Financial Accounting
Skills moduleF4Corporate and Business Law
F5Performance Management
F7Financial Reporting
F8Audit and Assurance
F9Financial Management


Essential moduleP1Professional Accountant
P2Corporate Reporting
P3Business Analysis
Skills moduleP4Advanced Financial Management
P5Advanced Performance Management
P6Advanced Taxation
P7Advanced Audit and


Various entry routes are possible to start:

Minimum entry requirements: Minimum three GCSEs and two A levels in five separate subjects, including Mathematics and English or equivalent.

Via FIA qualifications: If you don’t have minimum qualifications, you should register for Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) and study for one, or all, of the entry-level qualifications. You can study for the ACCA qualification after you have completed the Diploma in Accounting and Business.

Graduate-entry route: Relevant degree holders may be exempted from some or all of nine papers in the Fundamentals level.


Students can be given exemptions for some or all the fundamentals level papers based on their existing qualifications. To enquire about exemptions, the candidate should submit a copy of existing qualification certificates and Polylot Institute will advise possible exemptions after checking with ACCA.


Papers F1, F2, F3 and F4 are all two-hour assessments which can be sat as a computer-based or paper-based exam. Polyglot Institute is an approved centre for computer based examination (CBE). Computer based exams are conducted on every Thursday and candidates should register three days before the exam. Skills, Essentials and Options exams are all three-hour paper-based exams. Paper-based exams F5-F9 could be done at the end of every quarter.


You will receive Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business on completion of ACCA fundamentals level nine papers.


The ACCA Preparation course is offered in four semesters a year. All classes will be conducted online, each lecture starts from Sunday to Thursday for 2 hours a day in the evening.


You’ll discover a world of opportunity.

Why study with ACCA? Simple. You’ll have the world’s most progressive and supportive accountancy body driving your career towards even greater opportunity. Join the fastest-growing gateway to the accountancy profession and build your success story.

Six reasons to choose a qualification with ACCA

1 – You’ll discover a world of opportunity

ACCA is the world’s fastest-growing gateway to the accountancy profession, helping people like you to become successful accountancy professionals.

Our global reputation is so strong that we now have over 208,000 members and 503,000 students in 179 countries.

Our mission is to give you greater career opportunities through qualifications that are recognised and recommended around the world. And with the ACCA Careers Job Board, you’ll have access to a wealth of advice and thousands of vacancies waiting to be filled.


2 – Employers trust ACCA

We have 110 years of experience, so employers trust us to deliver skilled professionals. We work with over 7,300 Approved Employers and over 80 accountancy partnerships around the world.

Based on international accounting standards and independently benchmarked for quality, employers know that an ACCA qualification is a mark of professional excellence. And ACCA qualified candidates have what it takes to drive their business forward.


3 – Become part of an active network

Connections to the right network are crucial when you’re advancing your career. When you become an ACCA student, you’ll have opportunities to interact with fellow students through our virtual learning community, and take part in face-to-face networking events in your local area.

And once you become a member, you’ll automatically get access to our worldwide network of finance professionals via our members LinkedIn group. This provides you with a source of valuable connections and mentoring opportunities.


4 – We’re flexible

No other professional accountancy body offers the same level of study support and flexibility. We provide full-time, part-time and self-study options. You can even learn online through tools such as ACCA-X – our user-friendly online learning programme; providing high quality, free and affordable courses.

Get additional letters after your name – You can even gain a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, or a Master’s degree in Professional Accountancy from the University of London at the same time as studying for the ACCA Qualification. And we have specialism options which allow you to become experts in your chosen field.


5 – Quality and reputation are equally important

Our qualifications reflect ACCA’s reputation for excellence, integrity and accountability – a reputation you become associated with the moment you begin studying.

The learning materials you’ll use and the people who will teach you have to meet our high standards. And our Approved Learning Partners are specially selected and regularly assessed.

We also advise and support members, governments, organisations, regulators and employers, and encourage and deliver research that helps to inform and shape the future of accountancy and business.


6 – Here to support you

We offer extensive support online and through our 95 offices and centres globally.

You’ll get access to online materials including syllabus and study guides, past exam papers, guidance from the examining team and articles from experienced professionals in the field.

We work hard to make sure that exams are flexible and convenient. And we’re the only accountancy body with a student contact centre operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Language support – If English is not your first language and you need additional help and support, BPP University English Language Support for ACCA can help you succeed. It gives you tailored support for each exam you take.

Our Qualifications:

Find the starting point that’s right for you

We have more paths to success than anyone else. Start at the right level for you, and begin your ACCA journey today.

Strategic Professional
Strategic Professional is the final stage of the ACCA Qualification. If you have relevant education such as a university degree from an ACCA-accredited university, you could start here.

Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills
Our Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams together form the ACCA Qualification. If you don’t have the relevant education to jump straight in with our Strategic Professional exams then you can start at Applied Knowledge. However, you’ll need to have some relevant secondary education.

Don’t have the qualifications to start the ACCA Qualification? No problem. Our Foundations exams will give you all the grounding you need.

Your Career:

Why choose accountancy?

Accountancy professionals are in huge demand around the world, so there has never been a better time to launch your career. But why choose accountancy? We’ve gathered together some of the most popular reasons.

Every organisation in the world shares a common factor. Their success is entirely dependent on a sound approach to financial management. That makes accountancy as essential to the health of organisations as medicine is to human health.

It also makes accountancy one of the most diverse professions, with opportunities across all sectors and industries, and in all parts of the world.

Accountancy offers exceptional job prospects. You can progress quickly to a position of responsibility, and even work your way up to board level. It’s also an excellent foundation on which to launch your own business, or springboard into another profession such as corporate finance.

Accountancy isn’t just about numbers. It can employ a wide range of other skills such as communications, teamwork, strategy, leadership and problem-solving. Choose a global organisation and you could also benefit from some incredible travel opportunities.

As one of the most flexible professions, accountancy can help you achieve the perfect work-life balance. Part-time roles and career breaks are possible, and the global demand for accountancy professionals also creates many self-employment opportunities.

Accountancy can be extremely rewarding. Senior roles often attract high value salaries and benefits packages, with unlimited scope for progression.

You also benefit from being part of a prestigious profession that is respected and trusted by organisations and communities.

ACCA Exam Preparation Classes Schedule For 2020

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