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11:00 30 Sep 23
the front door is lockedThe back door is openFront parking lotsThe rear parking lots are emptyThe entrance to the back parking requires a code or card to open the barrier and enterThere is no flexibility for cars to enter the rear parking spacesA large number of people applying to take international tests - they do not have a clear plan to deal with the number of cars and are not allowed to enter to park in the rear parking lots
Huda KhalifaHuda Khalifa
09:28 15 Jul 23
11:54 01 Jun 23
You call them a thousand times and no one answers you
im not a shadow personim not a shadow person
11:49 15 May 23
Bad customer service, honestly the receptionist pressured me to do my IELTS in a certain date I ended up changing it and I have to pay 25%+ of my actual fee. I don't appreciate this behavior quite disappointing. Let people decide for themselves and don't rush them doing the IELTS is already expensive!! May God forgive you 🙂
Anand K SAnand K S
07:37 12 Mar 23
Fatma AlkamzariFatma Alkamzari
05:15 17 Jul 22
If by any mean they cancel anything , they don't give you your money back, i have been waiting for more than 8 months.Poor communications, no answering most of the time, they even put numbers on their adds that are not connected. !
Javed AkramJaved Akram
14:12 28 Dec 20
The teaching standards are high, classroom Facilities are good,the staff is very cooperative. Recommended
Shaheed bin MuhammadShaheed bin Muhammad
03:53 05 Mar 19
Polyglot group have multiple business inside this complex. Institute, Software development company and manpower outsourcing for major government and private organizations.
Marwan Al RahbiMarwan Al Rahbi
07:06 29 Aug 17
Good for english courses and IELTS.