SEM - Search Engine Marketing


SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Duration : 12 Hours
Total Weeks : 2
Per Day : 2 Hours
Days : Sun,Tue,Thr
Per Week : 6 Hours


This Training will be available Online only as a distant learning.


You will be awarded Attendance Certificate only after course completion.

Career in SEO

-Get top positions with specific words on leading search engines and reach global audience
-Market your website/ product internationally
-Experience the power of internet
-High Paid Salaries Jobs
-Work Freelancer

Business Benefits

-Build your online presence and visibility
-Make you know your customers
-Bring traffic to your website
-Convert traffic to your website into leads

Training Objectives

  • Get top positions with specific words on leading search engines and reach global audience
  • Market your website/ product internationally
  • Experience the power of internet
  • High Paid Salaries Jobs
  • Extra Source of Income
  • Freelance Working Facilities

Learning outcome, benefits & advantages SEM training course:

  • Learn fundamentals of search engine marketing.
  • Learn step-by-step process for running online marketing campaigns in Google AdWords.
  • Learn the key features and capabilities of Google AdWords.
  • Learn to navigate through Google AdWords user interface.
  • Learn how to set up accounts, Ad campaigns, and Ad groups in Google AdWords.
  • Learn key strategies and tools to build targeted keyword lists.
  • Learn how to write Ads within Google AdWords.
  • Learn how to track Ad performance within Google AdWords.
  • Learn how to integrate Google Analytics with your Google AdWords account.
  • Learn how to leverage Google Analytics features for optimizing your marketing initiative.

Who should attend?

  • SEO and SEM: Wanting to improve their industry skills
  • Marketing Executives: Want to reduce PPC/CPC budget and want organic results too
  • Webmasters: Want to increase traffic to their Websites
  • Website Designers: Want to offer search engine marketing services to their clients

Topics Covered / Outline

  • Understanding Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Snapshot of SEM Industry
  • Advantages of SEM over Other Marketing Methods
  • Introduction to SEM Terminologies
  • Definitions and Significance of Important Parameters
  • Organic vs. Paid Traffic
  • Differentiate Your Services
  • Target and Segment Your Audiences
  • Understand Your Customers Pain Points
  • Getting Started with Google AdWords
  • Step 1: Signing Up for Google AdWords
  • Step 2: Set Time Zone and Currency
  • Step 3: Verify Your account
  • Step 4: Activating Your Account
  • Navigating through Google AdWords
  • User Interface Elements
  • Home Tab
  • Campaigns Tab
  • Opportunities Tab
  • Reporting Tab
  • Billing Tab
  • My Account Tab
  • Understanding Google AdWords Account Structure
  • AdWords Account
  • Campaign Level
  • AdGroups Level
  • Access Management
  • Building Keyword Strategy
  • Keyword Discovery and Keyword Research
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Research
  • Leveraging the Google Keywords Tool
  • Demo for the Google Keyword Tool
  • Focusing and Targeting Keywords
  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Setting up Negative Keywords
  • Writing Effective Ads in Google AdWords
  • Call to Action
  • Value Proposition
  • Review of Google’s Guidelines
  • Understanding Google’s Text-Ad Structure
  • Creating Ad Campaigns
  • Creating AdGroups
  • Managing Campaign Settings
  • How to Edit, Pause, Delete, or Resume a Campaign
  • Generating Reports in Google AdWords
  • Step 1: Select Campaign
  • Step 2: Settings
  • Step 3: Choosing Report Details
  • Step 4: Activating Your Report
  • Step 5: Template, Scheduling, and Email
  • Integrating Google Analytics with Google AdWords
  • Tracking Online Marketing Campaigns through Google Analytics
  • Overview of Report Structure
  • AdWords Campaigns Report
  • Filtering AdWords Related Data in Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Custom Filters in Google Analytics