SEO - Search Engine Optimization


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Duration : 24 Hours
Total Weeks : 4
Per Day : 2 Hours
Days : Sun,Tue,Thr
Per Week : 6 Hours

Training Objectives

  • Get top positions with specific words on leading search engines and reach global audience
  • Market your website/ product internationally
  • Experience the power of internet
  • High Paid Salaries Jobs
  • Extra Source of Income
  • Freelance Working Facilities

Learning outcome, benefits & advantages SEO training course:

  • Benefits & Advantages SEO Training Course:
  • Ability to Promote and Handle Own Websites in Search Engines like google, yahoo, msn…
  • Dos and Don’ts of Website Development and Designing
  • Capability of Understanding Search Engine Workings
  • Overview of Latest Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Understanding of Online Marketing Strategies and Implementations
  • Difference of Manual and Automated Submissions, Monitoring, Reporting
  • Understanding of Business Oriented Websites
  • Approaching to International Market
  • Realizing the Power or Value of Internet
  • Online Target Market Identification
  • Identification of Competitors
  • Understanding of Online Surfers Psychology.

Who should attend?

  • SEO and SEM: Wanting to improve their industry skills
  • Marketing Executives: Want to reduce PPC/CPC budget and want organic results too
  • Webmasters: Want to increase traffic to their Websites
  • Website Designers: Want to offer search engine marketing services to their clients

Topics Covered / Outline - SEO Training Course Outline/Agenda

  • Introduction to Search Engine
  • Choosing the Right Keyword Phrase
  • Competitor Optimization Analysis
  • Selection of Domain Name and Hosting Company
  • Keyword Phrase Distribution
  • Writing Content and Balancing Keyword Density
  • On Page Factor Optimization
  • SEO Formatting Techniques
  • Develop Content for Link Campaign
  • Search Engines and Directories Submission
  • Competitors Link Campaign Analysis
  • Developing Link Building Campaign
  • Creating Blog
  • Monitor Your Link Building Campaign
  • Rank Checking
  • Monitoring Competitors
  • Monitoring Your Server Statistics
  • Going Efforts Required
  • SPAM or Black hat SEO Practices
  • Smart SEO Tools & Utilities Implementation
  • Search Engines History and Algorithmic Updates
  • Overview of Search Engine Algorithms
  • Strategy for Internal Linking
  • Developing Link Building Strategy
  • Monitoring Your Right Competitors
  • SEO Friendly Content Writing Techniques
  • Optimizing & Compressing Your Website’s Code
  • Natural Linking / Organic Link Building ways
  • Analyzing Your Website’s Traffic
  • Creates Effective Title and Meta
  • Optimizing Layout of Your Pages
  • Optimizing Navigation and Menus
  • Duplicate Content Issues