Vocational Diploma in Digital Marketing

Course:- Vocational Diploma in Digital Marketing

Affiliation:- Accredited by Ministry of Higher Education Research and Innovation and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom

Admission Criteria:- 12th Grade Completed with 50% marks aggregate


  • Diploma in Digital Marketing approved by MoHERI
  • CIM Level 6 Diploma in Digital Marketing

6 Semesters
Duration: 3 Years

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Programme Overview:

The diploma in digital marketing will equip the students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to support decision making in digital context at an operational level and carry out professional and successful professional role within the workplace.

Global Learning Hours:- 3600 Hours

Course Structure

  1. Foundation Studies (2 Semester) Mandatory Modules
      1. English
      2. Mathematics
      3. Science
      4. Health & Safety (Basic)
      5. Work Ethics
      6. Study Skills
  2. 1st year Specialisation in Digital Marketing Basic (2 Semester) with Level 3 NVQ from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK and Core study in
    1. Basic Marketing & Digital Marketing
    2. Marketing Principles and Techniques
    3. Campaign Planning and Digital Execution
    4. Digital Optimisation
    5. Graphic Designing
    6. Web Designing
  3. 2nd year Specialisation In Higher Order Digital Marketing (2 Semester) consisting of Level 4 & 6 NVQ from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK and Core study in
    1. Professional Digital Business Acumen
    2. Applied Marketing
    3. Planning Campaign
    4. Digital Marketing Techniques
    5. Marketing and Digital Strategy
    6. The Digital Customer Experience